Monday, March 20, 2006

Soccer Mom

So I think I qualify as a soccer mom. During the outdoor soccer season, all four of my boys play on teams (4 different ones, of course). The indoor soccer season is just winding down -- only 3 of the boys play indoor soccer. The team my 12 year old son BJ is on will be playing on Wednesday for the City A-side Indoor Championship. They won it last year and are hoping for a repeat. Exciting stuff. But added to the mix is that I also play indoor soccer, or at least attempt to!

My team, the "Golden Girls" played our last game of the season last night. We won -- the final score was 2-0. Our team has been together for 6 seasons, and I am one of the inaugural members still with the team. It is something I have thoroughly enjoyed ... not just getting out there and trying to play the game and getting some exercise in the process, but getting to know other ladies (other soccer moms). As busy as our family schedule is, it has been good for me to do something on my own for me! I hope that doesn't sound too selfish, but I've come to realize that I need to fill up on some "me" time so that I have enough to pour out for "them" time.

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