Friday, March 31, 2006

In memory of my Dad

I've spent some time remembering my Dad today. It was 15 years ago today that he died as a result of injuries sustained in a head-on collision. So much has happened in my life in the past 15 years that he has missed out on ... or I guess I was the one who missed his involvement in our lives. Eric and I hadn't even been married 2 years when he died, so my father never got to meet any of my kids. Eric only met him a handful of times -- the first time he met him was the evening he asked to marry me!

The bittersweet part of being pregnant for me was that my kids were never going to know the love of their Grandpa Block. I know he would have loved them and enjoyed them. He would have been so proud of Corey and the good grades he gets in school. He would have cheered heartily for BJ at his soccer games and been one of his biggest fans. I know he would have played Lego with Nathan. And I'm sure that just hanging out with Zackery would have brought him great joy.

I remember sitting and watching car racing, hockey, and other sports on TV with my Dad.
I remember him calling me Lizza Pizza.
I remember grading math tests for him (he was an elementary school principal).
I remember that given the option of staying inside and cleaning the house or working outside with Dad, I'd pick working with Dad every time (that may be why my house looks the way it does now!)
I remember going Christmas shopping with him one year in particular.
I remember the time he said that whatever I chose to do with my life as far as a vocation, he would support me in.
I remember him being a solid example of a Christ-follower.
I remember the times he told me he loved me.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has sprung ...

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
My basement ...
That's where the water is.

Aargh! As much as I love springtime and the end of winter, I hate that we get the spring thaw seeping into the basement!

Best friends with an ass ...

I have been wondering what to write for a couple of days. I started once, then deleted what I had written. The general subject matter was that my husband is an ass. My husband Eric and I really are best friends. The past couple of days though, we've come up against an issue that hasn't been resolved ... and may never resolve.

I am probably the least confrontational person on the planet. I don't think I'm exaggerating there -- ask Eric. Eric, on the other hand, doesn't mind conflict and confrontation and sometimes thrives on it. Sometimes I wonder if he goes looking for it! The other day we came head to head on an issue and I immediately backed down -- much to Eric's frustration, I'm sure.

I am personally responsible for my own issues. Never mind that Eric is an ass (he knows it too), but I have to own up to what my sin is and deal with that, and not just expect Eric to change who he is. Thankfully I was able to identify where I sinned against him and have asked him for forgiveness, which he graciously granted. Perhaps that's part of why we remain best friends. Even though he can be an ass, I wouldn't want to be best friends with anyone else.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Musings to Purposely Pondering

I started this blog over a week ago and on a bit of a whim. I knew I wanted to blog, but really hadn't put a lot of forethought into a blog name, etc. Random Musings popped into my head and I thought that would be a good title, so that was how this blog started out. At one point I actually googled the phrase "Random Musings" and was surprised at the number of books, publications and blogs out there by that name. Not very original on my part.

But as I thought more on it, I realized that my "musings" (defined in Webtser's New Collegiate Dictionary as a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction) are more "ponderings" (to reflect or consider with thoroughness and care) and those ponderings aren't really random (defined by Webster's as a haphazard course; without definite aim, rule or method) but do have purpose. Hence, Purposely Pondering.

I want to have a purpose and an aim. I'm not always sure what it is when I sit down at the computer, but as I reflect and think about what is happening in my life and around me, I know that I'd like to put it out there to whomever might happen upon it. And if my ponderings can impact someone else, then perhaps my ponderings will indeed have purpose.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Boys will be boys

This morning my husband and I made the trek to school with three of our boys for their parent-teacher interviews. Our boys are good kids and get good marks, so this is mostly an exercise in stroking our ego as their parents more than anything else.

But we did stop and visit with the principal in his office for a few minutes after the interviews were all said and done. Some of what we discussed had a lot to do with safety and the emphasis the schools are placing on safety these days. It's getting to the point where the kids can hardly do any activity without someone raising serious concerns about safety issues. Just in case someone might perhaps get hurt, we better not do it. So much for Nike's big slogan of a few years ago "Just Do It". Sadly not anymore. At least not in our public school system.

I learned quite a few years ago when my boys were little, and was reminded of it again the other day, that I need to let my boys be boys. That means letting them play outside and get muddy and dirty, jump in puddles, try their hands at new sports, and wipe out on their bikes every once in awhile. That also means that as they get older their hearts are going to get broken by girls that they like and there are going to be issues with friends, teachers, employers, etc. I can't protect them their whole lives. What I can do is tell them that I love them and that I'll be there for them, and encourage them to grow in the ways of God and be wise in their decisions; to love God and love others.

But boys will be boys and I love them for it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

3 Cheers!

Tonight my son BJ and his indoor soccer team played for the city championship for their division. It was an exciting game to say the least. BJ's team game back from a 2-0 deficit to win the game, 5-2. They won the A-side city championship (the Cambrian Challenge Cup) as a team for the second year in a row.

BJ has played on this team and for his coach since he was 7 (he's 12 now). I was thinking today of how this will be his last game with this team, but it wasn't until one of the other moms came up to me after the game to give me a hug that I realized it was my last game sitting on the sidelines with these people too! The other parents have been a big part of our soccer experience. They are a great bunch of people and I will miss them.

So 3 cheers for my son and his team, the Melrose Missiles! 3 cheers for his coach, Julius! And 3 cheers for the other parents who have made my soccer experience really enjoyable. I'm going to miss you too.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Soccer Mom

So I think I qualify as a soccer mom. During the outdoor soccer season, all four of my boys play on teams (4 different ones, of course). The indoor soccer season is just winding down -- only 3 of the boys play indoor soccer. The team my 12 year old son BJ is on will be playing on Wednesday for the City A-side Indoor Championship. They won it last year and are hoping for a repeat. Exciting stuff. But added to the mix is that I also play indoor soccer, or at least attempt to!

My team, the "Golden Girls" played our last game of the season last night. We won -- the final score was 2-0. Our team has been together for 6 seasons, and I am one of the inaugural members still with the team. It is something I have thoroughly enjoyed ... not just getting out there and trying to play the game and getting some exercise in the process, but getting to know other ladies (other soccer moms). As busy as our family schedule is, it has been good for me to do something on my own for me! I hope that doesn't sound too selfish, but I've come to realize that I need to fill up on some "me" time so that I have enough to pour out for "them" time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I like to write!

I was introduced to blogging a couple of years ago by someone who was involved in our small house church group. I liked the idea of writing and expressing ideas ... but because it was a "church" blog, I felt like what I wrote needed to have some sort of spiritual significance, so I felt limited (and often inadequate) with what I could contribute.

I've stepped out and started this blog because I like to write and lately have wanted to put things on paper, so to speak -- things about life in general, not necessarily related to our church group or about spiritual things. So bear with me in this writing exercise!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Best part of my day ...

So last night as I was saying goodnight and praying for my two youngest boys, Zackery (age 7) asked if we were Christians. Ah well, then "Christian" needs to be defined, doesn't it.

I told the boys that for me (and our family), to be a Christian means to be a Christ-follower. Being a Christ-follower means that you ask Jesus to live in your heart, and then you love Him and you love others and you do your best to serve and obey Him. That's a fairly simplified version, and sometimes it takes trying to explain it in terms that a 7 year old can understand to regain some clarity.

I asked Zackery if Jesus was living in his heart and he responded with a rather enthusiastic "Oh yes!". That was definitely the best part of my day.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Who knows why?

So today was my day off and I had my day planned. I was running errands in the morning and had planned on stopping at Tim Horton's to buy an Iced Cappucino to take to somebody that I used to work with. I have been thinking about Betty a lot lately and felt like this was something I needed to do today. I'm not sure if it was a "God thing" or not. But as I went through the drive-thru at Tim Horton's, they told me that the Iced Cappucino machine wasn't working. Hmmm. Plan B? I drove on without stopping at the office to even say hello to Betty without the Iced Cappucino.

I moved on to my next errands and finally ended up at Home Depot. A woman was in the lighting section, same as myself, with her two girls. I came down the aisle and she looked at me and said, "I know you!" I recognized her then too. Here was someone I haven't seen in a number of years and we used to go to the same church and they were part of our small home group. I stood and chatted with Charlene in Home Depot and connected again after all these years.

I left Home Depot and began to wonder ... if that Iced Cappucino machine had been working, I would have stopped to visit Betty, and then I would have missed out on meeting up with Charlene.

Who knows why sometimes our agendas and schedules get shifted around. Perhaps today I was supposed to bump into Charlene. Perhaps next time the Iced Cappucino machine will be working and I'll be sharing one with Betty.