Sunday, November 26, 2006

A new thing

In the last couple of weeks, it was decided that our little house church group disband. One couple felt it was time for them to move on in a different direction, and since we're a small group, we felt the loss in numbers quite keenly. There were other issues which I won't go into here ...

Until we know where God would have us go from here, we're having a true "home church". Our family is meeting for "church" as a family and in our own home, and it is just our family. Last week was the first Sunday for this. The week prior I had posted some "Who Am I" questions on the white board in our dining room, and the boys had to guess who the person from the Bible was. Then on Sunday we talked about the different clues and about how God used this person (it was Joshua). The boys really latched on to the "Who Am I" idea and already last Sunday, they were finding their own Bible characters and were posting their own questions on the white board.

So today we made our guesses as to who the people were and and then each person shared a little bit about that person and a particular Bible story about that person. We talked about Paul (in jail with Silas), the prophet Joel (a tougher one to figure out), David (lots of stories there!) and Zechariah (chosen of course by Zackery since his name is derived from Zechariah!). It was such a good morning -- the boys were enthusiastic about learning and reading the Bible!

So even though I am feeling some internal pain from the loss of the house church, I am excited about the passion being birthed in my own kids for God's Word. It's a new thing ... and a good thing. A very good thing.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Learning life lessons

So it finally happened. At least I think it finally happened. Or I don't recall it ever happening in our house before. What I'm talking about is one of my kids (my youngest, Zackery) taking a pair of scissors to his hair. At least he didn't butcher it too badly -- just made the bangs fairly short. Unfortunately the rest of his hair was quite long all over. So today we had to do a "fix-it" cut. He seems to be doing quite well with it, especially considering he's been wanting his hair to be longer and he fought me about getting a trim a couple of weeks ago.

But I think he understands now about what happens when you take a pair of scissors to your hair -- it's gone for good until it grows back in a few months. Sometimes it takes something like this for him to fully understand the consequence to the action. I actually think that's how he learns best. He learned a similar lesson once before when he was about 2 years old -- he flushed his soother down the toilet. There was a visible look of understanding on his face when he realized what he had done and that the soother was gone for good and wasn't ever coming back.

So how many more of these life lessons will we be in for with him??!!