Friday, March 24, 2006

Boys will be boys

This morning my husband and I made the trek to school with three of our boys for their parent-teacher interviews. Our boys are good kids and get good marks, so this is mostly an exercise in stroking our ego as their parents more than anything else.

But we did stop and visit with the principal in his office for a few minutes after the interviews were all said and done. Some of what we discussed had a lot to do with safety and the emphasis the schools are placing on safety these days. It's getting to the point where the kids can hardly do any activity without someone raising serious concerns about safety issues. Just in case someone might perhaps get hurt, we better not do it. So much for Nike's big slogan of a few years ago "Just Do It". Sadly not anymore. At least not in our public school system.

I learned quite a few years ago when my boys were little, and was reminded of it again the other day, that I need to let my boys be boys. That means letting them play outside and get muddy and dirty, jump in puddles, try their hands at new sports, and wipe out on their bikes every once in awhile. That also means that as they get older their hearts are going to get broken by girls that they like and there are going to be issues with friends, teachers, employers, etc. I can't protect them their whole lives. What I can do is tell them that I love them and that I'll be there for them, and encourage them to grow in the ways of God and be wise in their decisions; to love God and love others.

But boys will be boys and I love them for it.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I love your boys will be boys. You are a good mom and I really want to encourage you. Thanks for loving my son!
WE often pray that our grandkids will make right choices as they are approaching the years were the choices they make will affect the rest of their life.
I love you. Keep blogging !!Mom T