Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi. My name is Lisa ...

Hi. My name is Lisa. And I enjoy sports.

I've not been blessed with much athletic ability - bad knees have plagued me ever since I ran cross country and track in junior high. But I do enjoy being a spectator ever since I was a young girl and watched the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nascar with my Dad.

We recently celebrated the Winter Olympics; the boys and I and got wrapped up in the excitement of following the athletes and the competitions and we bouyed up our Canadian spirit. March Madness starts this week (Go Duke!) and at our house we already have the brackets for the first round picked.

This June the World Cup tournament will start. Since our boys were little, soccer has been the game of choice in our house. All four of the boys have played, to varying levels and with varying degrees of success, and Eric has played and coached. Even I played indoor soccer in a women's league for 5 seasons, before finally giving it up because of my knees. It is labelled as the "beautiful game" and when played with skill and heart, it can indeed be a beautiful game (not so much when I played though).

But I think the sport I enjoy watching the most has become volleyball. Gone are the days of "side out"; these days each serve garners a point for the side that wins it. To be honest, I don't understand half of what my son talks about - running "X's" and hitting 53's - and I couldn't tell you if a team is out of rotation. What attracts me the most is that each side must play with skill in order to earn their points. Certainly you can win capitalizing off of the other team's mistakes, but you need to be quick on your feet and able to move forward point by point. Teamwork is a must.

I think that's really the key - teamwork. Not just on the volleyball court or on the soccer field, but even in the every day happenings of life and home. How well are we able to work together with each other, with family, with friends, with co-workers?

Hi. My name is Lisa. And I want to be a team player.

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