Monday, October 02, 2006

Music to my ears

We now have two boys who are in junior high (grades 7 and 9) and both are in the band program. When Corey was in grade 7, he started playing clarinet and actually has a natural aptitude for that instrument. Of course he had his moments when he was starting out ... moments of squeaking and squawking ... but it actually sounds melodic when he practices now.

BJ has just started grade 7 and so has begun to learn to play the trumpet. Considering he's only had the instrument for just under a month, I have to admit he's actually not doing too badly. Thankfully he practices in the basement. He was practicing after school today (in the basement) and for the most part it sounded OK. But then I heard a long sustained note that didn't sound very good at all. And then I realized that it wasn't BJ and his trumpet, but rather a low-flying plane overhead heard clearly through the open window. Oops.

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Lydia said...

I'm glad that you started writing again. I miss reading your thoughts on this blog. The summer flew by and I'm trying to be thankful for what is ahead. That "W" word. I'm sure I will see the beauty of freshly fallen sparkly snow and all the joys it brings like the cold, slippery roads and shovelling. Happy Thanksgiving to you Lisa, Eric and the boys. Have a great weekend.
Love you all.