Monday, January 10, 2011

Bus Pants

I've never thought I had a whole lot to say ... or perhaps more accurately, I've never believed I had anything to say that was worth hearing. Two very different things. I've never considered myself a "talker" or a "chatty-cathy". I've more often been labelled as being too quiet than too opinionated.

But I do have opinions. And what I believe is worth hearing. I hope. I'm still working on mustering up that self-confidence.

Every once in awhile I sit at the keyboard and "pen" another entry here. Just about every day on the bus ride home from work I weave beautiful stories and narratives in my head, but then it all vanishes as soon as I face a blank screen. Stage fright?? Maybe.

For instance, today. I was on the bus ride home and noticed an older lady who had at least 2 pairs of pants on. Mind you, it's mid-January and cold out, so I take it the purpose of the extra pair of pants was to provide some added warmth. But all I could think of was last week's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" when Sheldon was anticipating having to use public transportation and so needed to put on his "bus pants". Because bus pants, you see, will provide protection for his regular pants so his regular pants don't come in contact with the nasty germs left behind from others.

So I saw this older lady, with her "bus pants" on, and I began getting somewhat philosophical there on the bus and wondering what kind of "bus pants" I put on to protect myself from my environment and from those around me. What do I use to hide behind? Am I willing to step out from my safe cocoon to take any kind of risk? And if Jesus would ask me to take that risk, would I be willing?

I'm afraid I don't have answers right now. Just questions. But it's something to think about. Bus pants.

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