Monday, October 09, 2006

Its all in the Name

Today Zackery Benjamin is doing some homework about what his name means and why his parents picked his name. We discussed this topic at the kitchen table with Lisa and Brendan puzzling and Eric eating cereal. There is no special reason for why we picked "Zackery Benjamin", we chose that name because we liked it. Zackery just walked into the office and was very excited about Zackery coming from Zechariah. It is a Hebrew name. He also had a list of Zackery names in different languages. In Finnish Zackery is Saku, as in Saku Koivu of the Montreal Canadians.

Only Nathan Joel got a name with meaning because we thought he would be different from the rest of us. Nathan Joel received two names of prophets because we thought that he would be able to hear God better than the rest of the family. He is now busy creating a complex "scenario" in the computer game "Age of Conquerors". His difference is God given and easy to see. He sometimes struggles with this difference, but to us he is very special.

Brendan Joshua was another name that was discussed at the table. I said that I liked the name Joshua because Joshua in the Bible was strong and courageous. Brendan asked if he was strong and courageous and I said yes. I see him being strong and courageous and think that one day he would be an excellent fireman or paramedic.

Corey Jonathan is still in bed sleeping. He is a teenager so I am not sure if his “pond-dwelling, friend of the king” activities (or lack thereof) comes from his name or his chronological measurement. We love him

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